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We help excellent domestic enterprises, individuals and families to engage in charity, and aim to improve the effectiveness and influence of public welfare resources so as to boost more meaningful changes.


Corporate Citizenship in Action (CCiA), founded in 2008, is a leading philanthropy consulting company that provides services for Fortune Global 500, unicorn companies, foundations, international organizations and community leaders in China.We work to advocate corporate citizenship, optimize philanthropic resources and expand their influence. 

As a pioneer in engaging enterprises into philanthropy, we are the first Chinese initiator of venture philanthropy and have guided enterprises towards innovative ways to practice corporate social responsibilities (CSR). We have facilitated Lenovo Venture Philanthropy, Master Kong Philanthropic Projects Competition, Intel Cinnovate, and China Merchants Award of Poverty Alleviationamong other renowned strategic public welfare projects.

The company links enterprises to the philanthropy though providing consulting services regarding philanthropic approach, project operation and voluntary service. Over the past decade, we have triggered an accumulative donation of 1.2 billion yuan, and introduced funding from private department to more than 1300 philanthropic organizations and social entrepreneurs.

We contributed to the establishment of Shanghai United Foundation, China Charity Fair, Information Sharing Mechanism of Chinese Environmental Grantmakers as part of our efforts towards higher effectiveness of resource distribution.

Currently based in Beijing, the company maintains healthy contact with philanthropic authorities at all levels, shares networks with the strategic partner, NPI, and cooperates with mainstream media and research institutes.

Our Story

CCiA was officially established in April, 2008 by several Chinese experts in CSR and public welfare, but our approach to effective philanthropy dated back as early as in May, 2006, when we had a primitive idea that we should persuade large-scale enterprises to shoulder proportionate social responsibilities.

We were inspired by Journal of Business Ethics, a periodical on CSR and sustainable business model listed as top 50 business publication by the Financial Times. The Journal annually published a list of 100 enterprises with good CSR practices. Sadly, however, Chinese enterprises was never on the list. That was the early 21st century, when foreign companies were expanding in China and Chinese enterprises were trying to adapt to market economy.

30 years after the Reform and Opening Up, it was first put forward in Regulations on Foundation Administration to develop non-public funds, which enabled enterprises and individuals to further engage in charity. At the same time, the seed of CSR started to be planted in China and people realized that philanthropy was the link between enterprises and the society. Under this circumstance, CCiA made use of the resources as a strategic partner of the British company, Corporate Citizenship, and the only Chinese advocate recognized by London Benchmarking Group (LBG), and started to introduce performance management into philanthropy. After years of research and practice, we have harvested experience to integrate enterprises with philanthropic organizations and to expand the influence of philanthropy.

Since 2014, public awareness of and enthusiasm for engagement in philanthropy has been growing. It is nothing new that annual donations from all walks of life reach hundreds of billions.What’s more, the issuance of Charity Law of People’s Republic of China provided a legal base for philanthropy. Against this backdrop, CCiA started to explore a systematic and sustainable model for philanthropy. We have advocated effective catalytic philanthropy and sponsors’ information sharing and published a series of related reports, offering the best consulting services as possible to those who do care about social development.





In 2007, we initiated the Chinese version of ‘venture philanthropy’ and put it into practice in China with Lenovo. We held LBG roadshows in Beijing and Shanghai and suggested that performance management would be needed in social engagement.


In 2008, we provided strategy consulting service for Vanke Foundation. We also delivered Nokia’s Post-Disaster Reconstruction Report and designed community reconstruction projects based on actual conditions.

Our Team
People here have one thing in common: they are eager to explore innovative solutions to social problems, knowledgeable and creative, moderate and persistent.
Li Rong

Vice President of CCiA; Senior Consultant

Zoe Hu

Vice President of CCiA; Senior Consultant

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